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Anywheres and Somewheres of Global Ed

A recent trip to Moscow re-enforced one of my longtime concerns with global education. During breaks from speaking engagements for EdCrunch 2018, I had the opportunity to visit two remarkable schools, each of which provided a perspective on a problem the field has been wrestling with for years. Read 

Closing the Familiarity Gap through Global Ed

A few weeks ago I attended a China Now forum hosted by the 1990 Institute. The goal was simple: To make connections and deepen my understanding of Chinese culture, history, and tradition. Over the last few years I have made six trips to China, visiting Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong in the service of our partnership with Beijing Normal University and SKT Education.. Read

The 5 Pillars of Whole School Transformation

Through our Exemplar Program, P21 is working to identify, document, promote and celebrate examples of successful 21st-century learning. This program provides educators and communities a variety of models to draw from, and offers policymakers and business leaders vibrant examples to help encourage their support.. Read

Four Cs: The Foundation of Human-AI Interface

In the last two weeks, 8100 miles and an ocean have separated my speaking engagements, but the topic has been the same: What do college, career and life skills mean in the age of artificial intelligence? Read

Helping Young Children Build 21st Century Skills

The development of 21st-century skills begins early–we would argue as early as 18 months old. Which is why the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21) advocates for the integration of 21st-century skills (anchored in the 4Cs: critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity) in early learning experiences for young children in order to build the skills they need not only when entering school, but also in life. Read

Building the Bridge of College and Career Readiness

At Avonworth High School in Pittsburgh, tenth grader Anastasia interviewed leading African journalists and experienced learning at a global scale through her Public and International Affairs Career Academy. Across the country, in El Cajon, California, seventh grader Zoey and her class built a 3D skatepark to scale in Montgomery Middle School’s new MakerLab.