21st Century Teaching and Learning

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David's Story

David has worked at all levels of the education system, from a gritty sixth-grade classroom in urban Los Angeles to a showcase high school in Napa. He migrated into upper management positions at influential non-profits, but stayed true to his classroom roots.

In the U.S.

David worked for 7 years as the Senior Director for the Buck Institute for Education and 2 years as CEO for the Partnership for 21st Century Learning.

Around the World

David has presented at conferences and provided onsite support, advice, and training in Russia, the U.K., Canada, Mexico, China, Korea, the Philippines, Qatar, Costa Rica, Singapore, Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, and Australia,.


Curriculum Design

We offer curriculum design, authoring, and review services that focus on a pedagogy (project-based learning) and a series of outcomes (21st Century skills) important to all learners.

Program Design

We can help your organization design instructional programs focused on 21st Century Teaching and Learning  at regional or national scale,.

Partnership Development

We offer networking and marketing opportunities to a vast array of potential clients and partners because of our extensive work at the national and international level.

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